Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday to Emerson!

We turned Emerson's second birthday into a week-long celebration!

On his actual date of birth Grancie and Granpie brought a very special wagon all the way from Utah with them!

The beginner train set from Mommy and Daddy was also very well received.

After an unsuccessful hunt for cupcakes, we settled on a platter of assorted pastries for a birthday night treat.

On the Saturday following Emerson's birthday, even more friends and family came to play at the bubble party!

Bubble wrap--pop pop!

Bubble machine--pop pop!

Bubble cake!

It's about time for new pictures - Update #2 (February)

The Hayes guys watching the Super Bowl

Happy Valentine's Day!

Cruising around the apartment with friends

The wedding of Grandma Jean & John was Emerson's first wedding and first tie-wearing occasion!

Emerson with Daddy and Aunts Alison and Stephanie

Church pew crawl!

It's about time for new pictures - Update #1 (Christmas)

We spent a really fun week in Utah for Christmas vacation! Highlights included:

Setting up house in Granpie's new freezer box

Kindereggs (a Reiman favorite all the way from Germany)!

Emerson's first remote control car

A visit to Salt Lake City's Discovery Gateway children's museum, where Emerson spent most of his time driving around this police car...

but was eventually persuaded to come see the neat wind tunnel

Christmas turkey leg, anyone?

Before we got on the airplane to head home, a very patient Granpie accompanied Emerson up and down the escalator and the moving walkway MANY times.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas countdown

Emerson thinks that there should ALWAYS be a piece of chocolate for every day.

We gave the tree outside one little decoration--a pinecone bird feeder that Emerson made at the craft fair/farmers market

Daddy's elementary school Christmas programs were a success, and now it's Christmas vacation time!

Granpie and Grancie visit!

Grancie and Granpie came to visit us during the first week of December. Granpie taught Emerson about the complicated workings of his new Yogi Bear shooter toy.

Emerson got interested in the Tinker Toys for the first time.

He shared Goldfishies with Hannah

And helped Grancie feed Scuba Steve too!

A very snowy week

Playing in the snow that contributed to the record-breaking total at the end of November

Early Christmas festivities

Decorating cookies at the Festival of Trees in Coeur d'Alene

Emerson was kind enough to share a few bites

Posing by a very Idahoan Smokey the Bear tree